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European Crew

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European Crew

EUROPEAN CREW SERVICES: Expert Driver Solutions Across Europe

Black Cat Logistics excels in the international arena, specializing in large-scale relocations with our extensive network of fly-in drivers. Our dedicated crew department boasts around 140 skilled double drivers, relief drivers, and emergency drivers ready to deploy across Europe.

Rapid Response for Every Need

Whether you require double drivers for your tour, immediate assistance for a delayed truck, or a substitute vehicle due to a breakdown, we are equipped to address these challenges promptly. Our services are designed to be flexible, catering to planned schedules and providing 24/7 support to ensure continuous operation of your logistics.

Cost-Efficient Local Crew Deployment

We prioritize the use of local crew to minimize entry and exit expenses, offering a more cost-effective solution than traditional fixed-location or airport dispatches. Often, we can efficiently allocate the right driver to your location with just a simple bus or train ticket, ensuring quick takeover and minimal downtime.

A Decade of Trusted Service

For over 10 years, Black Cat Logistics has been a trusted partner in driver deployment for diverse sectors, including:

  • Rock n Roll Tours
  • Formula 1
  • Art and Valuable Goods Transport
  • Exhibitions and Stand Construction
  • General Cargo
Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Discover the customized solutions we can offer for your company or project. Contact us to learn how our European Crew Services can support your logistical needs with efficiency, reliability, and expertise. Keep your operations moving smoothly with Black Cat Logistics.