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About Us

Who We are


Since 2014, Black Cat Project & Event Logistics BV has been dedicated to providing dedicated project logistics for clients in the entertainment industry. In addition to international music tours, critical transport projects,High Value loads, exhibition transport with short lead times, theatre tours and volume transport, we also provide relief services for our clients in the (de)assembly of technical installations on location.

At Black Cat Project & Event Logistics BV, we are committed to sustainability, which is why we use Euro 6 engines with HVO diesel for our transport vehicles. This reduces harmful emissions and contributes to reducing our environmental impact. We aim to work with our customers to take their logistics to the next level while reducing our impact on the environment. Thanks to our flexible and reliable logistics services and our modern means of transport, we can offer our customers the best service while doing our bit for a sustainable future.

Why Choose Us

Started as a small company with a clear commitment and great product knowledge, we stand out from the bigger companies where your project is just a box in the system.

Grown bigger by staying small, with clear, short lines of communication and a dedicated team that blends into our customers' organizations.
You do what you do best, and we take over your company's logistics operations, keeping your focus where it should be: on your own product.

Whether the project involves the relocation of your entire business premises, driving a tour across Europe, the smooth delivery of your trade fair materials, the unloading of racing cars at strict times, or the meticulous moving and building of your theatre decor in an inaccessible spot in the countryside.

We are there for you with the utmost care and always on time.

Available 24 hours for solutions

Own warehouse with crossload possibilities

Value-added activities and maintenance of stored items.

Fast breakdown service with replacement personnel in Europe

Just-in-time deliveries

Meet Our Team

We’re always looking for talented workers, creative directors and anyone has a
passion for the logistic service join our team.

Our History


Since 2014, Black Cat Event & Project Logistics has been providing organizational, logistical, and technical support to the entertainment industry. Located near Breda, right by the A16 and A27, we are strategically positioned in the heart of Western Europe between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, in close proximity to Zaventem and Schiphol airports, and just 4 hours away from the Channel Tunnel to the United Kingdom

The Beginning:

In 2012, Black Cat laid its foundation by transporting backline, drum sets, and PA equipment for its own band and sound system, starting with a C driver's license and a 6-ton truck from 1977. As demand for our services grew, we registered as Black Cat Event Support in 2014 and upgraded to a larger 12-ton truck with a tail lift. Months spent on tour with bands, living in the truck's cabin, fueled the desire to have our own trucks for the job, leading us to switch to a tractor-trailer with a sleeping cabin by the end of 2016.

From Roadie to Transport Company:

Black Cat Project & Event Logistics handles the transportation of a wide range of items with unusual dimensions, including props, drum sets, guitars, light installations, stage steel structures, fences, video screens, race cars, clothing items, Christmas houses, speaker boxes, artworks, and more. To meet the flexible transportation needs, we transitioned to "low deck" trucks with a fifth-wheel height of 93 cm for pulling Mega trailers.

In 2018, we joined the NIWO and started performing volumetric transports in the General Cargo sector. This move allowed Black Cat Project & Event Logistics' expertise in Just in Time deliveries and logistics management to be available to a broader range of clients and fellow transport companies. As a result, we formed a strong network with (inter)national transport companies, ensuring that we can provide a solution for any logistical challenge.

Since 2023, we have a storage and transhipment site in moerdijk North Brabant.
The availability of loading ramps, forklift trucks, swap trailers and the container port on the doorstep of our office enable our team to respond to the most impossible challenges at short notice