Large exhibitions and stand construction projects are large-scale projects with a complex supply of transport and material.  The set-up and breakdown days are often hectic with short time schedules and tight time agreements.

That is precisely why a transport partner, such as Black Cat Event Support, with specific transport and flexibility has great added value for your exhibition project.

Because we are familiar for many years with large and small European fairgrounds, we can fully support and relieve the supply of your material.
The big difference with regular transport is that deliveries here should be 100% in order and the time constraints are meticulous to receive everything on time. 

Subsequent delivery is often not possible in this sector, as the construction with several parties is planned according a tight scheme. Through meticulous consultation with the customer, we can draw up a tailor-made transport schedule for you, with the use of the right material.

Working with load lift trailers,  a trailer without forklift, can reduce the cost of the local hiring of forklifts on exhibition grounds themselves.
If necessary, our drivers can also take care of an on-site side activities, allowing your own staff to pay full attention to their project.

We can also relieve you with the storage of packaging in the trucks so that you do not have to pay any additional costs to the fair organization.
Parking the trucks with short-term projects can be taken care of by us, so your planning department does not have to concern about this!

Black Cat knows the way on the European exhibition locations and can completely take care of the logistical challenges you find on your way to achieve the most beautiful stand for your customer.