“A low-Deck (low-loader in British English, low-bed in western Canada and South Africa or float in Australia and eastern Canada) is a semi-trailer with a 90 cm altitude deck in height. This allows the deck to be extremely low compared with other trailers.”

Low-deck or Low-line trucks are widely used in the Music and Project Logistics. Due to the low floor height, a loadable inner height of 300cm is available. The loading floor is also closer to the ground, making charging with 'loading ramps' easier.
The larger volume compared to regular trailers makes it easy to load for examples high pallets, décor and truss systems. This saves loading meters.


Below a summary of our equipment options:


We mainly drive with Daf and Scania euro 5 and euro 6 low deck trucks.

  • Torque height 95 cm
    On request with Lifting dish
  • Coupling height 115 cm


  • Mega Box 13,6 x 2,45 x 2,95 (95 m3).
  • Mega Box Taillift 13,6 x 2,45 x 3,00 (100 m3).
  • Mega Tautliner (met kooiaap) 13,6 x 2,45 x 3,00 (100 m3).
  • Mega Airfreight/rollerbed 13,6 x 2,45 x 3,00 (100 m3).
  • Closed Box Regular 2Axle ( 1lift) 13,6 x 2,45 x 2,75 (91 m3).
  • Closed Box Regular 3 Axle Loadlift 13,6 x 2,45 x 2,75 (91 m3).
  • City Trailer Loadlift 1 Axle 10,0 x 2,45 x 2,75 (65 m3).
  • Open Trailer/ Flatbad ‘Coupling” on 95cm 13,6 x 2,45 x 3,00 (100 m3).
  • Container Chassis


  • Hookstraps
  • Loadlock straps
  • Straphooks
  • Loadbars
  • Talfixbars
  • Kooiaap
  • Rijplaten Flatbad
  • Blankets
  • Loadhooks
  • Carstraps
  • Pallets


Our regular customers may also rent single trucks, trailers and accessories.
Do you have a peak period and do you lack capacity? Or do you want to scale up with trailers for a long time, Black Cat can serve you.

We have several trailers offering you an appropriate solution in the short and long term.

Do you only have standard trucks in your fleet?

To be of service, we also offer standard torque height trailers with a 2.75m height in order to load Trussing, Flightcases 3 high and stacked speakers on your standard Tractor.


To increase your business efficiency and control costs, we are happy to help you with temporary scale-up of transport needs, preload your equipment or pick up and transport trailers to the requested place.

Remote Shuttle

On request we can compile an exchange fleet with remote parking lot for you, so that for large-scale productions your trucks do not commute between venue and warehouse and precious time is lost.
Your own trucks drive from venue to remote, exchange trailers and are immediately operational at your location.

Black Cat will operate the trucking part from remote to warehouse.